Our company was established in 1995. Place of our business is in Levice town with its own administration, locksmith production and car service premises.

     Our core activity is focused on metal production and locksmith works, renovations and protection from wear by hard weld deposit, ceramics (technology of REHART company) and armoring. We also provide car service for passenger cars and trucks.

     Our commercial activity is focused on sale of KASAMAS electrodes and we operate coal wholesale business.

     Our company’s success is based on understanding of specific problems in individual sectors. Utilization of technologies of KASAMAS and REHART companies (renovation by ceramics) gives us many advantages in the field of repairs, renovations and protection of devices such as:

        Minimizing of idle times
        Extending equipment life
        Simplifying of routine activities
        Efficiency increase
        Reduction of stored spare parts consumption

We are vendor and authorized distributor of additional welded materials of KASAMAS company. KASAMAS electrodes help you to solve up to 90% of problems connected with repairing and renovation activities.

We are vendor and authorized distributor as well as performer of REHART company’s progressive technology – preventive adjustments, repairs and renovations of industrial components and units by a ceramic deposit.

Advisory in repairs and renovations of industrial devices.
Production activities
Production activities involve welding, turning, locksmith and metal processing works and renovation of active areas of machine metal parts, which were becoming worn. As an example we can mention pressure screw conveyors in brick plants, mill wheels, crushers and separators in power plants, stone pits and cement mills, hydraulic and pneumatic piston rods or various agricultural machine components. Within the range of production activities we offer following services:
        Welding and incendiary works (cutting works) 
        Locksmith works
        Turning works
        Metal production and metal processing works
        Manufacturing and installation of locksmith constructions
        Manufacturing of screw and other conveyors
        Renovation of active areas of machine metal parts, which were becoming worn
Coal storage – coal sale
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